Planet Renderer

Announcement: Starting this week, every sunday I will be writing a blog post about the progress of my graduation work.

The topic is researching and implementing the creation of a real time planet renderer, with the deadline at some point next January. This is a topic I have been wanting to approach for a while now, so I have been pushing to be allowed to implement this topic as my graduation work.

There are two fixed parts that are going to be implemented in this work, being the display of terrain on a sphere with different levels of detail, and atmospheric scattering on top of this. If there is extra time I will also look into topics such as ocean shaders, forrests or atmospheric effects such as clouds, rain etc.

Here is some inspiration I have collected:

The project will be implemented from scratch using OpenGl and C++.

The idea behind the blog is having a resource for people to follow the process of implementing such a project, especially those who intend to give it a try themselves.

I am already researching various LOD techniques, and will post about this next sunday.

Author: Robert Lindner

I am a German-English Game Developer with a focus on Graphics Programming. I love finding out how things work and visualizing them in a creative way using computer technology. My interest in Computer Graphics came up when I started creating 3D art using Blender in 2008. Since I also learned programming in secondary school and tought myself digital painting, I moved to Belgium to study a Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment. After a year of projects in both film and video games I started focusing on Graphics programming, as I wanted to do something that requires both logical and creative thinking.

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