Even More Bricks

The madness continues… I’m using 2.7’s new wireframe modifier for rendering the wireframes.. takes ages but the results are great for showing off 😀

Lego Star Wars Jedi Fighter blender cycles render
Lego Star Wars Jedi Fighter blender cycles wireframe

Author: Robert Lindner

I am a German-English Game Developer with a focus on Graphics Programming. I love finding out how things work and visualizing them in a creative way using computer technology. My interest in Computer Graphics came up when I started creating 3D art using Blender in 2008. Since I also learned programming in secondary school and tought myself digital painting, I moved to Belgium to study a Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment. After a year of projects in both film and video games I started focusing on Graphics programming, as I wanted to do something that requires both logical and creative thinking.

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